Easy Agile

Ep. 13 - Rethinking Agile ways of working with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the core.

Episode Notes

Join Terlya Hunt - Head of People and Culture at Easy Agile and Caitlin Mackie - Marketing Coordinator at Easy Agile. As they talk with Jazmin Chamizo and Rakesh Singh - principal contributors of the recently published report “Reimagining Agility with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.” In this episode, we explore the intersection of agile and DE&I. What led to writing the report? Where the misalignments lie and what we can be doing differently as individuals and business leaders.

This is a great episode! Jam packed with recommendations and amazing insight into the future of agile with diversity, equity and inclusion at the core. 

Full Report Here - https://businessagility.institute/learn/reimagining-agility-with-diversity-equity-and-inclusion/591